Electric Circuit Design / Housing Design

Electric Circuit Design / Housing Design
From small-lot prototypes to mass production design, and from simple jigs to product design, we support a vast range of needs.
Using our development achievements in audio equipment, communications equipment, and automotive equipment, we meet a broad range of customer demands for both analog and digital design, and make proposals that optimize functionality, cost, and scheduling. Through collaboration between our LSI design and software development departments, we can support a more diverse range of demands.

Development Achievements

Audio Equipment
Automotive Devices
Sensor Systems
LSI Evaluation / Sales Promotions / Trimming Systems

Electric Circuit Design/Housing Design: Design Flow

We also take partial commission, including segments of electric circuit design and housing design.
Electric Circuit Design/Housing Design: Design Flow

01System Design

We analyze our customers’ design specifications to divide hardware and software, select parts, and propose optimal solutions all in one place.
System Design

02Circuit/Board Design

We have a broad range of design achievements, including high S/N analog circuits/high speed digital circuits, and power source circuits. We also conduct optimized design with consideration for SI/PI/EMC.

03Housing/Mechanical Design

We have made achievements in consumer audio equipment design, plastic injection molds, sheet metal, and aluminum extrusion methods. Our company designs high quality, highly functional housing.


We support small-lot production, prototyping, and even simple jigs.


We support everything from design for verification specifications, to verification, and countermeasures.
We also conduct measurement and substitute countermeasures for various standards (EMC, etc.)