Internet of Things System Development

Internet of Things System Development
We offer integrated service that covers both fields, from systems to devices and servers.

System Development

Making full use of open source software, we build systems with low cost and light maintenance burden. Our proposals focus on web-based systems that reduce reliance upon operating systems and lessen operating risks, while also enabling access from tablets and smartphones.
Web System/Cloud System Development

We build safe, low cost web services on short delivery schedules. This starts with proposals for optimal service and development/evaluation plans that fit our customers’ environment and circumstances.


Android/iOS Application Development

We have made achievements in developing apps that link with external devices by both wired connections (USB) and wireless connections (Bluetooth ®, BLE, Wi-Fi), as well as converting apps between Android and iOS.


Offshore Development in Vietnam

Our offshore development links developers in Japan and Vietnam. We offer thorough support, including liaisons with our customers, overall management, and process management. This enables us to provide low cost, high quality service.


Website/Web app Verification

We conduct tests using actual devices including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and improve the precision of these tests with visual confirmation and tool tests.


IoT System Design/Development

We use our wealth of experience and achievements to offer full support, from development to selection of service, for customers who aim to improve convenience and reduce costs by introducing IoT systems.

Main menu of system/application development

System building using open source software
Website/Web application development and test verification support
Smartphone application development

Infrastructure/Network Building

We have refined our IT infrastructure technology by building and operating an in-house LSI design environment that meets various business content in LSI design. Using that wealth of experience and incorporating the latest technology such as virtualization and cloud computing. Furthermore, we are actively working to improve cost performance by adding high end NAS series, which we have started to sell as a vendor of QNAP, to the choices for system components.
Building cloud systems

By introducing proper cloud services, it is often possible to reduce costs. We make proper cloud use proposals based on the IT utilization conditions of our customers, then build and operate systems on their behalf.


System Virtualization/Cloud Computing

Using virtualization technology, we can reduce the number of machines in operation and use machines in optimal conditions to improve environments and reduce costs.


Servers/Networks: Introduction and Construction

We support the construction and operation of in-house networks and servers for sharing information internally. We also account for security and scalability in response to demands, so leave your post-construction operation and maintenance to us.


Server/Networks: Replacement

In response to our customers’ demands, we account for security and scalability to select optimal products and make proposals. Come to us for your network and server operation and maintenance work after replacement as well.


Server/Network: Surveillance System Construction

We build internal server/network surveillance systems for small to medium scale network environments, to realize life-and-death monitoring and resource surveillance.


PC Introduction Support

We select optimal PCs with the necessary performance and functions for our customers’ business. We also support PC setup, software installation, printer settings, and migration from old PCs.


QNAP Turbo NAS Distributor

Sanei Hytechs is an official distributor for QNAP Systems, Inc. We offer one-stop service, including current challenge diagnosis, QNAP product sales, and support for construction and maintenance of networks, servers, and storage.


Main menu of infrastructure/network building services

New in-house network,
server construction and maintenance
Internal network,
server replacement
On-site resident maintenance of
networks and servers
Virtualization of internal systems,
cloud migration support
PC introduction
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