LSI Analog Circuit Design

LSI Analog Circuit Design
Our advanced design technology and our wealth of experience and achievements help maximize the performance of devices.
Sanei Hytechs has developed many high performance analog LSIs and IPs. We also have provided analog IP customize service by user's requirement.


for Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Consumer

Correspondence of development

Specification of LSIs and IPs decision
Feasibility study
Architecture and System design
Analog circuit design/verification
Pattern Layout design/physical verification
LSI evaluation

Development base

onsite (next to clients)
our office


Sanei Hytechs can control the very low light and weak signal by superior sensor techniques.
We have designed LSIs and IPs for versatile ultra sensitive sensors.
Image sensor, TOF(Time of Flight), Magnetic sensor, AFE(Analog Front End) for Finger-print sensor, Gyrosensor and Acceleration Sensor

Power management

Sanei Hytechs has designed many superior power management LSIs and IPs.
We have provided low power, low voltage, high efficiency, high accuracy PM solutions and high power, high voltage, high efficiency, high accuracy PM solutions.

Battery management systems(Battery charger controller, Lithium ion battery protection)
LDOs(Low Dropout Regulators),
Switching Regulators(non-isolated: Buck convertors, Boost convertors, Buck-Boost convertors),
MOSFET drivers, Power device drivers, LED drivers,
PMICs, Switches

Analog IPs

Many high performance and high accuracy analog IPs have been developed by Sanei Hytechs' superior techniques.
Sanei Hytechs also has provided IP customize service.
Analog-Digital mixed signal systems(MATLAB/simulink)
LCD drivers,
ADCs(Analog to Digital convertors: ⊿∑ADCs(Delta-Sigma), SAR ADCs(Successive Approximation Register), Pipelined ADCs)
DACs(Digital to Analog convertors: ⊿∑DACs(Delta-Sigma), R-2R ladder DACs, Resistor strings DACs,  Current output DACs, Switched capacitor DACs)
Operational Amplifiers, Class D amplifiers for Audio, CODEC for Audio,
Oscillators(SPXOs(Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillators), TCXOs(Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators), VCXOs(Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators), Ceramic Oscillators),
PLLs(Phase Locked Loop: Fractional-N, SSCG(Spectrum Spread Clock Generator))