LSI Digital Circuit Design

LSI Digital Circuit Design
We are useing of the latest design and verification technology
Sanei Hytechs has been involved in the development of countless LSI, carefully refining its digital design and verification competence. Based on this experience and achievements, we provide sophisticated service in all processes of architecture design, logic design, and logic verification.
In order to respond swiftly to the rapid growth of the scale of circuits, we use the highly abstract languages design such as C/C++ and SystemC in addition to HDL design, raising the bar for efficiency.

FPGA Design

Using accumulated LSI digital design competence, we also focus our efforts on FPGA design. A prime example of FPGA implementation is our use of SoC FPGA as a means for realizing edge computing. We conduct architecture design, implementation and evaluation of deep learning inference algorithms.

In architecture design, we study optimal architecture with consideration for performance and cost to do HW/SW (hardware/software) partitioning. Our HW/SW team coordinates to find the optimal specifications for HW/SW design. We also make use of high-level synthesis in HW design to further improve work efficiency in HW design.

Sanei Hytechs use the know-how of our electrical circuit design and software development teams and every other department to provide optimal solutions.
FPGA Design

LSI Development Flow (Digital)

01 Architecture Design

We seek optimal algorithms and architecture with consideration for logic structure such as pipelines and resorce share. We will actively use new design tools, such as C/C++ and SystemC, as well as modeling with MATLAB/Simulink when necessary. In Mixed-Signal circuit design, we discuss matters with our analog design team to conceive balanced compositions.
Architecture Design

02Logic Design

We clarify the concept and basis of our design to steadily move design forward. We also provide clear and carefully composed documents that everyone can easily understand.
Logic Design

03Logic Verification

Our highly experienced engineers properly obtain verification scenarios. We also make active use of verification methods including System Verilog and UVM to improve quality and shorten verification term.
Logic Verification