LSI Layout Design

LSI Layout Design
Skilled layout designers realize high quality, high value added LSI.
Sanei Hytechs has a strong record of achievements in both analog and digital layout design. Using CAD and P&R tools, they do total design for the layout of mixed-signal circuits. Analog and digital layout designers, as well as layout designers and circuit designers, engage in close communication to realize chip layout that balances circuit properties with reduced surface area. In addition to design integrated with circuit design, we also support orders for layout design only.

Analog Layout

Our highly experienced designers draw layouts with masterful skill.
Analog Layout
  • Extensive design experience with diverse FAB in Japan and abroad
  • Layout technology cultivated with design integrated with circuit designers
  • Make LSI as small as possible
  • Realize high quality on short deadlines
  • Contracting system

Digital Layout

Extensive design experience with advanced process SoC
Digital Layout
  • Layout technology with consideration for timing
  • DFT technology with consideration for testability
  • Design technology supporting low power consumption
  • Design technology supporting high speed IF
  • Contracting System