Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities
Sanei Hytechs supports various organizations and groups engaged in environmental activities.
Environmental Initiatives
The extinction of orangutans means the end of the tropical rainforests they inhabit. Furthermore, it is feared that the destruction of the tropical rainforest will cause massive climate change with an incalculable impact in various fields, making an impact on crops through drought and causing shortages of water necessary to sustain life.
Protecting orangutans is deeply connected to sustaining the lives of not only the orangutans themselves, but maintaining diversity of life. It is truly a massive challenge tied to the survival of humanity as a whole.
(Quoted with permission from BOS Japan )
Sanei Hytechs totally agree with their ideal and support them.
*For details about BOS Japan, please visit their official website.
*The Orangutan Forest Planting project promoted by NPO Asian Green Forest Network, our partner NPO