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[TOPICS] Sanei Hytechs announces a donation from sales of the agricultural activity with it’s objectives of contribution to the local community.

News Releases2019.02.18
Sanei Hytechs announces \50,160 donation to the local foundation, Fujinokuni Future Foundation.
This subscription has come from sales amount of Sanei farm which Sanei Hytechs has opened for supporting handicapped persons to start working in Oct.2017.
Sanei Hytechs will keep contributing to the local community through this kind of sustained social activities.

About Fujinokuni Future Foundation

Fujinokuni Future Foundation was established in Sep.2014 and works on various social problems in Shizuoka prefecture. They help several NPO and social groups to solve these problems by matching these organizations with persons who agree on their activities and want to support or donate to them.

For more information, please visit the following URL(Japanese): http://www.shizuokafund.org/