Software Development

Software Development
Our field of expertise is the incorporation of software in layers closer to hardware, and we can make solid proposals backed by our achievements
We aim to sincerely make the best proposals possible to meet our customers’ demands and challenges using our development experience of communications equipment, audio equipment, and in-vehicle equipment.
We started our software division by working on audio drivers in the mid-1990s. The division has been active in built-in software (especially close to hardware) field ever since, including audio equipment development, communications equipment development, in-vehicle equipment (ISO26262 related), and evaluation jig development. We have always worked sincerely, sometimes guided by our customers, sometimes doing ourselves with trial and error. Here we must always pursue a higher level in terms of quality, deadlines, and cost, while reaching a balance as close as possible to our customer’s demands.
Using the knowledge and technology gained from this experience along with various tools such as static analysis and unit tests, we cooperate between departments to propose better circuit boards, FPGA, and software to solve our customer’s challenges.

Product Areas


AUTOSAR MCAL, smart entry systems for motorcycles, CAN/LIN/Ethernet/CXPI/Flash device drivers, etc.


Communication equipment FW, communication equipment Web GUI

Musical Instruments and Audio Equipment

Keyboard I/O programs, MIDI related programs

Prototype Development

Circuit boards, FPGA, built-in SW, and apps, in cooperation with other departments

Work Area

Software Implementation Achievements

No OS/Windows/Linux/uitron/Enea OSE/ZebOS

Third Party Verification, Documentation

Communication and amusement equipment verification, other verification and evaluation

Retention Tools