Message from the President

Message from the President
The strengths of Sanei Hytechs and our continuing challenge to gain a great success.
We will improve our technical skills as a team of specialists and professionals. We never afraid of change and will constantly tackle innovative business.
Sanei Hytechs celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding in 2017. I wish to thank our many customers for their patronage over the years. Since the dawn of LSI, we have made 40 years of progress as a company specialized in LSI design. Sanei Hytechs is a company that is few in number that can support all processes in LSI design, including both analog and digital circuit design, as well as layout and verification. We have also accumulated a wealth of embedded software and middleware development technology. In addition, we are developing systems that integrate devices and software.

Sanei Hytechs have over 300 employees and 90% of them are technical experts, making us one of the largest semiconductor design service companies in Japan. The advanced strength of our company are both of the expertise and the volume by which we’ve been able to live up to high level demands from customers. I believe we’ve got the trust and reliability from our customer with persistent efforts for improving customer satisfaction and service quality.

The semiconductor industry is subject to rapid change, so industry trends and the entire industry landscape can change in an instant. It is essential that we always be ready to grasp the latest trends. China is the largest market in the present so we have established bases in China and are developing our business in a big way. We have further refined our core competencye total LSI design support from upstream to downstream. Furthermore, we are building organization that can support IoT system development and the AI business. We will keep on trying to gain a great success without fear of changing and with a superior sense of balance, improving high degree of specialization, we are and always will be.
Yoshihiro Mabuchi
President & CEO Yoshihiro Mabuchi