Message from the President

Aiming to be a partner company in digital innovation
We will discern the future of the rapidly changing semiconductor industry, and meet your expectations by further refining our global perspective and proprietary technologies.
Thank you for your continued support of Sanei Hytechs.
Responding to high-level requests with our expertise and manpower.
Sanei Hytechs has consistently specialized in LSI design as it continues to grow, since the very dawn of LSI. As an independent company, we have one of the largest groups of professionals in Japan, with more than 300 staff, over 90% of whom are engineers. Utilizing our combined expertise and manpower, we have continued to answer high-level requests from our customers.

Our unique system enables us to complete the entire process in-house for both analog and digital circuits, from circuit design to layout and verification. We have contributed to the development of industry in Japan by accumulating a wide range of technologies, such as embedded software, middleware, and IoT system development, in response to the demands of each era. In order to enhance our ability to make proposals for future needs, we have set up our own R&D Department, and are taking on the challenge of realizing advanced technologies, such as AI and model-based development.
Becoming a digital innovative partner
that can create new value for a new era
In the semiconductor industry, the market evolves at incredible speed, and major players change at a dizzying pace. In Japan as well, there have been frequent mergers and acquisitions of major semiconductor companies, and the industry is undergoing significant restructuring. On the other hand, there has also been remarkable growth in rapidly growing Asian countries, especially in the Chinese market and the Taiwanese market.
In this environment, we have established bases and expanded our businesses in China and the Asian region, which are currently the largest markets. We have started providing services as a development partner in the Chinese market, where demand for LSI design is growing. Furthermore, we have based ourselves in Vietnam to begin initiatives that account for characteristics of the region, such as developing an annotation service that supports business applications of AI.
Also, as a new initiative for the Japanese domestic market, we are focusing on network technology, for which there is increasing demand as the age of IoT begins in earnest. By strengthening and developing our technology, we have become poised to create new services.

Sanei Hytechs will continue to acquire a wide range of expertise entered on integrated support for LSI design and create new value as a digital innovative partner to our customers.

I humbly request your continued support in our endeavors. 
January 2021
President & CEO Yoshihiro Mabuchi
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