Social Media Policy

Sanei Hytechs Co., Ltd. has set the following rules regarding attitudes and behavior to comply with in the operation of our official social media accounts.

1. Basic Policy

When using social media, the executives and employees of Sanei Hytechs shall comply with all applicable laws and follow the “InnoTech Group Ethical Behavior Standards” as well as our company regulations, and act in good conscience.

2. Understanding of attention to media characteristics

Executives and employees shall always be aware that information they have posted on the Internet can be accessed by multiple unspecified users but cannot be erased completely once it is posted. They shall understand that the entire company is judged using information posted by individuals, and always be self-aware and responsible when posting information.

3. To all social media users

Please understand that information on social media does not necessarily reflect official statements or opinions of Sanei Hytechs, even when posted by our official account. Official statements are made on our company website.

4. Inquiries

Please use the inquiry form to make inquiries regarding our policies on and use of social media.
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