SANEI HYTECHS is an independent design company.
We possess highly specialized technical expertise in analog circuit, digital circuit, and mixed-signal LSI.
We are challenging a wide range of fields, such as embedded software development, middleware, artificial intelligence, model-based development, and IoT systems, based on LSI design technology.
Through the fusion of semiconductor and software development technologies and the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI), we aim to realize a future of convenience and prosperity, enhancing the quality of life.


Business Activities

Engineering businesses that open up the future.

SANEI HYTECHS is a company that engages in a variety of businesses, including LSI design, semiconductor design (digital and analog layout), software development, artificial intelligence, model-based development, IoT system development, and IT infrastructure.

LSI Circuit Design

[Image]LSI Circuit Design/Semiconductor Design

SANEI HYTECHS' consistent circuit design and layout design system meets the needs of ever-evolving and diversifying LSI Circuit Design.

We are a leading provider of LSI Circuit Design services with a long track record of success. We offer a consistent design system that integrates our three businesses of analog circuit design, logic/digital circuit design, and layout design. In our Mixed-Signal LSIs, we combine the digital and analog properties to optimize performance and use tools such as MATLAB/Simulink to design the entire system. We also collaborate with layout design and analog circuit design to minimize layout area while maintaining circuit characteristics. We aim to quickly and flexibly respond to the ever-evolving, diversifying, and complex business needs of our customers, and to continue to grow together with them.

LSI Circuit Design/Semiconductor Design

Software Development

[Image]Software Development

We create next-generation technology and shape the future through software development.

We specialize in a wide range of fields, including embedded software development, automotive software development, communication software development, web system development, and IoT system development, providing innovative software solutions. By leveraging advanced technology and deep expertise, we support the success of our clients' businesses.

Software Development

AI Development

[Image]AI Development

We serve as a comprehensive partner for AI development, offering a wide range of solution services.

From creating training data to algorithm design and implementation on edge devices, we assist across various areas. We are flexible in addressing diverse customer needs, including AI adoption considerations and PoC development.

AI Development

Model-Based Development

[Image]Model-Based Development

Design services that support model-based development, which is being adopted in the automotive industry.

SANEI HYTECHS provides services such as new design and modeling of existing design assets using MBD, enabling more efficient proposals.

Model-Based Development

IT Infrastructure

[Image]IT Infrastructure

We support the entire IT infrastructure lifecycle.

SANEI HYTECHS can provide you with system construction and operation support to meet your needs, from planning and design to construction, testing, and maintenance. We offer the best design and construction services for servers, networks, and cloud systems. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in these areas, and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solutions. We have a large number of experts in each field, and experienced staff will respond to you. We offer flexible solutions to meet the needs of our customers and help them succeed in their digital transformation.

IT Infrastructure

Business Activities



Pursue innovation and create the future.

We are actively engaged in pioneering new business opportunities through the exploration of innovative technologies, while also focusing on enhancing the efficiency of our existing operations and fostering the growth of specialists.

Research and Development



Creating the future beyond technology.

The SANEI HYTECHS recruitment website, we publish information on hiring for new graduate recruitment, internships, career opportunities, and recruitment for recent graduates with no experience.

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